Therapeutic Contract

Why is there a Contract?

Contracts are important to agreements, that is why I’ve made one and made it available to you here. The ByOsmosis Therapies Therapeutic Contract outlines the most important parts of the relationship, and the boundaries of the relationship. It also outlines the complaints procedure, should you be dissatisfied with the service, and the laws and ethical frameworks that I am beholden to.

All of this is therefore available to you to help you feel as safe and as confident as possible with the service I provide.

By starting therapy with me, we are both implicitly upholding this agreement. This agreement and relationship will always be one of respect and beneficence, directed towards the improvement of the client’s life in accordance with my training and sphere of competence.

The Contract

Here is the abbreviated therapeutic contract that underpins the therapeutic agreement:

There is, however, a Full Contract you can see below that highlights the essential aspects of the therapeutic terms, goals and relationship:

We have included it here to give you a sense of security.

Being transparent is essential for trust. Providing a therapeutic service means embedding ourselves in a deep relationship of trust. This is at the very heart of any successful therapy.

I hope that honesty and openness with you can open this possibility.

What is in the Therapeutic Contract?

The Contract provides an overview of the scope of hypnotherapy and my commitment to you in the therapeutic process.

It also draws up some of the boundaries that we must hold to safeguard ourselves and each other.

Here are some essential parts of it:

Suitability for Therapy

There are certain people that I would not be able to take on as my clients. This is due to the limitations of my training. To see the suitability for therapy list in full, check the whole contract provided above for more details.

Standards of Behaviour

By agreeing to have hypnotherapy with Edward Christmas and to these terms and conditions, you agree to:

  • Practice mutual respect and safeguarding from abuse
  • Respect any person at the therapy practice, including them and their property¬†
  • Never to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time and place of therapy, unless those are prescribed by a GP or doctor.

If these terms are not respected, the therapist reserves the right to cancel the session and any further therapy sessions.

Codes of Conduct and Ethical Frameworks

For more information about Ethical Frameworks, go and check out the National Hypnotherapy Society Code of Ethics, or the BACP Ethical Framework

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