Stress and Anxiety

What is Stress?

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Stress is the body/mind’s natural response to threat. So stress is natural. It may even be desirable at times. If we didn’t have it, we might see a tiger in a bloody rage and not think to run. Anxiety is what happens when stress sets in. Stress and anxiety together can become real problems.

The problem is that most situations in which we feel stressed, there are no bloodthirsty tigers. There may be some loud cats in the alleyway – like a lot of noise in our heads, but we don’t usually need to run from loud cats though. Instead, it’s enough to just be aware that they are there, take a deep breath, and move away from the window a little.

As much as stress can help motivate us to make changes – it can help give us the energy we need to achieve things that seem difficult – it can tell us that there is something amiss.

However, stress can become chronic. It can become the first and only way that we approach problems. And that is tiresome.

Stress leaves us feeling frazzled and drained. Anxiety keeps us locked in there. The worst part of this is how unhelpful we can be towards ourselves in this state. Losing our sense of calm and control, we often get caught in unhelpful thinking or unhelpful behaviours.

Hypnotherapy can help by cutting this cycle short and making it easier for you to find your centre. It can help to find that moment of calm, and shorten any cycle of stress and anxiety significantly. Quickly, the benefits can be felt, and you regain more control over your emotions and wellbeing.

What are the effects of Stress and Anxiety?

Though everyone knows what the terms means, each individual experiences stress and anxiety differently. For some, anxiety is unpleasant but manageable. For others, it can be debilitating and deeply distressing.

From IBS to pain to panic attacks, stress is at the root of many of our illnesses, and only seems to make them worse without treatment.

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Stress is, in terms of mental health, the modern epidemic. It is the most common and generalised problem in society. This is closely followed by sleep issues, which stress and anxiety will usually worsen.

These are simply the physical responses to stress. The psychological ones are often more noxious. Substance abuse, isolation, low self-trust, low self- esteem, low initiative, depression. All of these have some roots in stress responses, and are often worsened by how it makes us feel.

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is an effective tool to help manage stress and anxiety. Over time, it can even help create new habits. These new habits will manage our reaction to what triggers stress. At the same time, it can help find and address some of the original causes of it. 

Studies show that relaxation exercises and visualisations have many positive effects on the body and mind. One is that these exercises reduce the level of cortisol (a stress hormone) in the body. Another is that it helps to balance the mind for longer periods, creating new pathways and new habits.

The body is then not so likely to be triggered in future. The negative cycle is broken – Life can get a little bit more stable. More quiet. More balanced.

Like meditation, hypnotherapy uses these techniques. Unlike meditation however, hypnotherapy is more precise. It is not only helping to create a general sense of peace and relaxation. It is doing these towards a more specific goal of helping to create these new habits – helping to create a new lifestyle.

We all have times when we go from “Oh, today is going really well” to ‘Oh @#”$ – What the f*#$ do I do?’. In a split-second, our first reaction snaps into a bit of blind panic. Hypnotherapy can help by moving us towards feeling more deeply still and calm within generally, but especially when faced with specific challenges. And though this will still happen, you know life and its curveballs, it will not be the instant response or repeated pattern anymore.

You can learn to feel more confident and comfortable within yourself and life.

What else can you do?

Though hypnotherapy is an effective way to help yourself improve your lifestyle and sense of wellbeing, there are other things you can do in the meantime too.

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The benefits of meditation are numerous. Alongside the therapy, it is recommended to do similar exercises in day to day life. The therapy may be once every week or every other week. You are with yourself all the time. So taking a few moments to be kind to yourself is really quite important.

Alongside this, as advised by the medical field, diet and exercise are significant factors in improving or maintaining one’s sense of inner balance.

Essentially though, our advice is to try and be a little kinder with yourself. Life can be a bit … well … it can be hard. You don’t have to be hard on yourself too.

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