Our Many Faces

There are many parts to each of us:

  • We have the one who loves chocolate and the one who wants to stay thin.
  • There’s the one who loves connecting with people, and the one who feels crippling anxiety.
  • Maybe even the one who wants to change, and the one who is desperately afraid of the unknown.

Not everything about us fits together perfectly.

Sometimes, there is conflict. Sometimes, it might even seem that there is ugliness. By changing our perspective, however, we can often change how we relate to these parts.

Multiplicity becomes energy. We gain power within ourselves

This energy helps us to live more fully, more completely. We start to connect with who we are, and grow away from all the ways that we kept ourselves sequestered, cut off, and alone. All the ways we kept ourselves back, beneath, and small.

Our Many Faces

Step by step, little by little, we come to reconcile these parts – and what formerly seemed so scary because it was unknown – instead becomes exciting because it is new. What used to seem ugly to us, imperfect because of its many strangenesses, instead becomes beautiful – because they are our strangenesses.

Using hypnotherapy and other counselling skills, ByOsmosis Therapies can help you to grow your self-awareness – your sense of confidence – and overcome some of your limitations.

Get in touch – if you want it, help is at hand.

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