Out of The Ground – Into The Sky

We are, as we grow up, conditioned in a number of different ways. We push through the soil of our families, of our school-lives, of our young adulthood.

Before we know it, we are thrown into the big big world.

That is often when we realise that we had no idea what we were doing that whole time, and would like to find some direction – in our lives, in our selves, in our families.

Sometimes, we feel stuck. Sometimes, we feel small. In any case, getting out of old habits can be tricky.

As they say – Old habits die hard. But do they have to?

Can’t teach and old dog new tricks? Really? So sure?

The brain is suprisingly flexible, and a lot of our problems come from the pathways that formed as we were growing – a little like our root systems. Depending on how deeply the roots go, they can be harder to shift around – to redirect.

However, hypnotherapy does exactly this. Using relaxation, visualisation and therapeutic suggestions, you will discover that you can teach an old dog new tricks. In fact, the moment you start, you will start to notice effects. Old habits die hard – well maybe they do – in some ways, we will always have the imprints of our old ways – we can always revert back.

The question is, do you want to?

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